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With the world becoming a busier place and rural police stations closing down, what would you do if you and your child were separated? Or if you found a child?

The concept of Kidstrapp is to enable lost children to be quickly reunited with their parents or guardians.

Kidstrapp has been developed, from concept to a live product by Fidget Pie Limited, a Shropshire based company. The Directors, two friends (and parents) wanted to take the worry out of days out for parents and young children. They feel it is vital that their children should never go anywhere without some form of identification and if the worst does happen, they get separated, then they can be quickly reunited with their loved ones.

Kidstrapp is a cheap and disposable option for parents’ piece of mind that costs less than the price of a cup of coffee.

The Product

The product is in two parts:

A wristband;

An application (app) for smartphones.


The Kidstrapp wristband is a simple, soft and funky wristband which children can wear when out shopping, at events and festivals and even on holiday anywhere in the world. It has space to write a phone number, alongside a barcode which can be scanned to retrieve hidden information, held in the app, about how to reunite a child with a parent/guardian should they become separated. It is:

Resistant to water, alcohol, soaps and common hospital chemicals.

Phone number can be written on using a biro or a permanent marker.

Designed and manufactured wholly in the UK.

Materials used during manufacture are free from natural latex.

Extra-soft material will protect gentle skin.

Easy to attach and comfortable to wear.

High-quality print process using thermal printing.

Supplied with clasps for secure fastening.

The App

Often the phone number will be enough, but after a busy day, it may no longer be legible. Similarly, a parent’s battery may be flat, they may be in an area of poor signal or they may be on the phone themselves reporting the missing child. In these eventualities anyone who finds an upset child can scan the barcode, which is thermally printed onto the band, and retrieve additional information – another phone number, a meeting point to take the child to you, special needs/allergies, and a secret passphrase for added security when returning the child. The parent/guardian receives instant notification that the child has been found and will be taken to your chosen meeting point and a built in map enables you to navigate your way back to your child.

The app is a simple to use and intuitive program with the key features of:

Primary contact details.

Secondary contact details.

Text function to primary contact. 

Meeting place.

Other information free text for allergies etc.

Ability to add and delete multiple children.

Password for guardian identification to finder.

Notification of when the wristband is scanned.

Map for guardian to see where the wristband was scanned and live track of guardian only to that location.

The app is free for finder to download and nominal charge to upgrade to add guardian information.

Where are we now?

This simple but effective solution to a terrifying situation is rapidly gaining momentum; the friends are working with  Councils and business across all over the country and some international organisations. The highly recognisable Kidstrapp logo of the Princess and the Pirate identify safe havens, such where children can go to be reunited with their loved ones, increasing the footfall. 

Parents are now requesting them for children out with childminders and school trips, as are foster carers and teachers of foreign students. It is through this community engagement, that we hope to develop and subsequently support the communal feel around key places in conurbations and rural areas alike. 

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