Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Whose phone number should I put on the wristband?

A: The number of the adult responsible for the child wearing it while they are out and about.

Q: What sort of pen should I use?

A: You can use biro but to make sure you get the best out of the bands it is advisable to use permanent marker.

Q: Can I use it without the app?

A: Yes of course. Just write your number on it and go out and have fun. Just make sure that your mobile battery is charged and be aware that if you are going somewhere where there maybe limited signal, anyone who finds your child may not be able to contact you. The app works as a back up to this situation and enables someone to return a child by retrieving the stored information, including a pre-arranged meeting place, and without ever having to speak to the parent/guardian.

Q: How long will a wristband last?

A: Kidstrapps can be used for anything from a few hours to a few weeks. The barcode is thermally printed onto the band which means it cannot be removed even if it comes into contact with water, ice cream, sun cream, mud, paint or whatever other fun your child may be having.

The band is also soft and latex free so can be worn for a holiday without bothering your little one.

Q: Can a child take it off?

A: The bands come with a special clasp which cannot be removed without assistance. Just be careful that you don’t attach it too loosely so your child can pull it off over their hand.

Q: Do I have to update the app information every day?

A: That depends on your holiday. If you are staying in the same place and want to keep the same meeting point, you don’t need to update it any further. However if you are staying somewhere different or visiting different places each day, you can simply log in and change your meeting place. The rest of your information remains the same.

Q: Will the phone number come off?

A: That depends on what pen you use and how long your child will be wearing the wristband. We advise using a permanent marker to make sure it stays for as long as possible.

Q: What should I do if I lose my child and they are wearing a Kidstrapp?

A: As soon as you realise you have lost your child you should contact the necessary authorities. If you are at an event often they will close all the gates in and out until your child is found. Kidstrapp is not a replacement for contacting the police or organisers of an event/festival. Try to make sure you stay somewhere with mobile phone signal in case they are trying to call you. If someone does find your child and can’t get through to you by phone, they can scan the wristband. The moment they do this you will receive a notification on your phone to go to your chosen meeting point.

As well as a notification you will also be able to see their location using the map function in your phone so you can walk straight to them if they are closer.

Remember your passphrase as they will need to hear it for added security.

Q: What should I do if I find a child and they are wearing a Kidstrapp?

A: Ring the number and arrange to return the child. If you can’t get through on the number, press Found on the front page of the app (you’ll need to download it if you haven’t already got it. The app is free to anyone who has found a child but doesn’t want a full account).

When the barcode reader activates on your phone, scan the barcode on the wristband and retrieve the information you need to contact the person responsible for the child on that day.

If you still can’t get through, take the child to the meeting point registered on the app. Do check all the information to see if the child has any allergies or special needs you might need to know about while they are in your care.

Also make a note of the secret passphrase as the child’s guardian will need to say that before you hand them over.

Q: Can I use Kidstrapp abroad?

A: Yes Kidstrapp can be used anywhere in the world. Just remember to put 0044 in front of your number and drop the first 0. Eg 0044 7709 324176.

Q: Can I use Kidstrapp on other people’s children?

A: Yes. We recommend using Kidstrapp with any children you are responsible for. Simply log into your account and press ‘Add child’ to fill in their details and activate their bands. You can add and remove children from your account as and when you need to.

Q: Can I use Kidstrapp on toys?

A: Yes, great idea. We often see stories on Facebook of toys that are obviously very loved but the finder has no way of getting them back to their owner. Or stories of naughty little toys who have gone off on solo adventures and their young owners are desperate to get them back.

For many children their cuddly friends are irreplaceable so why risk the upset? If you are going out and they insist on taking their favourite toy, simply pop a Kidstrapp around their arm, leg or neck and write your phone number on it. You can even link it to the app by adding the toy as a child and popping in your address so anyone who finds it can send it back to your distraught child quickly.

Q: Is it GPS?

A: No. There are many GPS devices on the market, many of which are expensive and come with an additional monthly fee. Some of them are uncomfortable for the child to wear for long periods or are not waterproof, snowproof, or ice cream proof. Also if a child gets lost and they are wearing a GPS, it is not always accurate enough, particularly if the signal is poor, for you to navigate back to your child. And it is unlikely in their panic that they are going to sit down and wait to be found so you could be chasing around with no way of you contacting each other, both of you getting more and more upset.

With Kidstrapp, we make responsible adults the eyes and ears for your child. They can contact you immediately and even pass the phone to your child so you can reassure them that you are on the way. If they cannot contact you they can keep your child out of harm’s way until you can be found or simply scan the barcode and find your pre-arranged meeting point. Either way there is less expectation on the child to help themselves and they don’t need to be alone while they wait for you.

Q: My child is wearing a Kidstrapp, why can’t I see their location on my phone?

A: At Kidstrapp we believe children should be encouraged to explore and have fun without their parents watching their every move on their phone! Kidstrapp is a back up for the children so that if they do stray too far and get lost they can find someone to help get them back to you. It is also peace of mind for you that if they have disappeared out of sight, they have a way of contacting you.

In fact the only time Kidstrapp will actually show you their exact location is if they were lost and have been found. As soon as someone scans the barcode on the Kidstrapp you will receive notification on your phone that they have been found safely, along with their exact location using your phone’s in built map function.

Q: How do I contact the person who has found my child?

A: If someone finds your child the first thing they will do is try to phone the number on the Kidstrapp so you will automatically have their number. If they cannot get through and scan the barcode instead, you will receive a notification telling you to go straight to your meeting point. You can either do this or check the app to see their location on the map function on your phone. If they are closer to you than your meeting point you can use this to navigate direct to them.

Q: My child has been found and returned to me. Can I use the wristband again?

A: Yes. Simply log into the Kidstrapp app, find the details about your child and press scan code. When you rescan the barcode, this will ‘tell’ the app that you are back with your child and the wristband and information will become live again.

Q: I can’t scan the barcode, what should I do?

A: Don’t panic, just key in the code manually instead.

Q: How do I get my school to use Kidstrapp on school trips?

A: Lots of people ask this question. As much as we trust our child’s school to look after them and keep them safe, we can’t help worrying when they are taken out into the big wide world by someone else! If you would feel better if your school was involved, simply tell your child’s teacher about Kidstrapp and ask them to contact us. Alternatively, if you tell us which school it is and we will contact them for you. The same applies to any clubs or groups that your child is a member of. Kidstrapps are available to buy individually for groups, organisations, events and schools.

Q: I run a club which would benefit from Kidstrapp as we run a number of outdoor activities. Who should I talk to?

A: As with school trips we get lots of mums asking that Kidstrapp is used with clubs that take their children out and about. Simply contact us and we’ll work out what would work best for you. Kidstrapps are available to buy individually for groups, organisations, events and schools.

Q: How can I get involved?

A: We are always on the look out for people to help spread the word about Kidstrapp and help us to create a support network to help look after and reunite lost children. No matter where you are in the world you can get involved!

Whether you want to sell Kidstrapps in your shop or whether you are a mum, childminder or just someone looking to make a bit of pocket money, get in touch.

Q: Why should I sell this?

A: Retail: If you are a shop or other businesses you can stock Kidstrapp for anyone out and about in your area with young children. Stocking Kidstrapp helps to promote you as a business that cares about children.  As part of a wider scheme we are also working to create safe High Streets for children throughout the UK and being part of that will help to increase footfall to your town/city as well as into your own business. Have a look here to get involved or contact us if you would like to talk about this in more detail or if you would simply like to stock Kidstrapps to help the children that live in and visit your area.

A: Individual:  We are looking for individuals around the world to help promote and sell Kidstrapp. By doing so you would not only be helping to support children everywhere, but you could also make yourself some pocket money and other Kidstrapp goodies! We’d love to hear from you if you are a mum who could spread the word at the school gates, a child minder who could use it for your group and to help their families when they take them out and about, or anyone who simply thinks Kidstrapp is a great way of looking after lost children and reuniting them safely and quickly. Get in touch for more details.

Q: How would Kidstrapp help my event/attraction?

A: Most major events and attractions have a designated Lost Children point. But what happens if visitors haven’t noticed it or looked it up before visiting? And if you do give out some sort of wristband for them to write a phone number on, what happens if the parent/guardian has no signal or their battery gives out? With Kidstrapp, anyone who finds a child, or any staff who have a child passed onto them, have a fail safe way of tracking down the child’s guardian and getting them back safely.

By introducing Kidstrapp, you are showing your event to be one that goes above and beyond to make the safety of young visitors a priority.  This goes a long way with anyone who is bringing a child out for the day and will give you the edge over anyone who relies on a designated meeting place or solely on the use of mobile phones.

Remember a lost child will be upset and disorientated. If someone with older children finds them, they will not know what the lost child process is and will have to find a member of staff, all the time the child is getting more and more upset and agitated. The member of staff may then take over but still have no way of contacting the child’s responsible grown ups.

With Kidstrapp this is all resolved quickly and with less upset to everyone involved.

Get in touch! We can provide Kidstrapps in bulk to your event/attraction or even combine the technology of the barcode and app with your own entrance ticket/bands.

Whatever the size of your event/attraction you should be using Kidstrapp to provide a support network for your young visitors and their responsible grown ups! Let us know your needs by contacting us.

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