How it works

Kidstrapp – how does it work?


1.        Write your phone number in the space provided on the wristband

2.      Put the wristband on your child with the special clasp provided.

3.      Go and have fun.



1.       Write your phone number in the space provided on the wristband

2.     Download the Kidstrapp app (iPhone and Android only)

3.     Register an account using your name, email address and mobile phone number (not landline)

4.     Add in a 2nd phone number of an appropriate adult

5.     Add a passphrase for extra security

6.     Add a child to your account (you can add as many as you like and delete them when ever you need to if you are taking someone else’s child out for the day)

7.     Add details of each child when prompted.

8.     Add meeting instructions for each child – this is a chosen place for you to go to if you get separated.

9.      Include any other information such as special needs, allergies, dietary requirements.

10.    Press ‘Scan Code’ and use the app’s in built scanner to scan the barcode on the wristband to link the information. The number underneath the wristband can also be inputted manually.

11.      Press ‘Update’, put the wristband on the child and go and have fun.


What to do if you find a child wearing a Kidstrapp?

1.       Phone the number on the wristband and arrange to return the child.

2.     Let the child talk to the parent/guardian while you make this phone call for additional reassurance.


What happens if no one answers the phone or there is no signal?

1.       Download the Kidstrapp app (for free).

2.     Press ‘Found’ on the front screen and use the inbuilt scanner to scan the barcode on the child’s wristband.

3.     Use the retrieved information to send a text to the number saying you will go to their meeting point. Alternatively try to ring the second contact number.

4.     If you cannot speak to anyone for a variety of reasons, take the child straight to the meeting point.

5.     When someone comes to retrieve the child, ask them for their passphrase before handing the child over.


I have lost my child, what should I do?

1.       Contact the necessary authorities of whatever event/location you are at immediately.

2.     Send someone you trust to the meeting point on the Kidstrapp app in case someone has found them and is waiting there for you. Make sure they know the passphrase you have chosen on the app so the child can be released into their care.


Someone has found my child, what should I do?

1.       If they phone you, arrange to meet and retrieve your child.

2.     The second someone scans the barcode on your child’s wristband you will receive a notification on your phone that they have been found and will be taken to your chosen meeting point.

3.     You will also be able to see their location and your own location via your phone’s built in map function.

4.     Either go to your meeting point of use the map to navigate straight to your find. Remember to say your passphrase.

5.     Once reunited with your child you can rescan the barcode yourself via the Kidstrapp app to reset the wristband in case they wander out of sight more than once!

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