Safe Kids Initiative (S.K.I)

What is S.K.I?

S.K.I is a national initiative encouraging the local community to work together to quickly reunite children with their guardians if they become separated.

The aim is to empower children of all ages to help themselves and seek out assistance. It takes the vulnerable out of harm’s way and resolves a common situation with the minimum of fuss, bother, whilst reducing anguish.

How does it work?

Organisations pledge their support and place a Kidstrapp sticker in a prominent place where a lost child could see it. Kidstrapp wristbands will be available locally and online. 

A phone number is written on wristband, the bar code is activated with the details completed on kidstrapp app. The wristband is placed on child . 

KidstrAPP faces copy

If the child is separated from their guardian they are told to look for the Kidstrapp logo and seek help.

All participating businesses have access to the Kidstrapp smartphone app. 

If a lost child enters their premises seeking help, or is identified to them by a member of the public, S.K.I then empowers staff to takeover and reunite the child with their parent/guardian without added stress.

No answer on the phone? Staff scan the barcode to retrieve second phone number and pre-arranged meeting place. The app also provides information about child’s special needs or allergies they may need to be aware of until parent arrives. Concurrently, by scanning the barcode, the app notifys the parent/guardian that the child has been found and the location of where the wristband was scanned. For added security, the app provides passphrase that the parents/guardian need to say before the child is handed over.

S.K.I provides a solution to a recognised problem for business owners whilst reducing the additional pressure on police or other over stretched resources.

Most importantly it makes an upsetting situation less stressful for all parties.

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