A Very Busy Mummy tried out Kidstrapp with her two daughters and gave it a thorough review, even trying out ‘losing’ and ‘finding’ a child. She says: “If you want to know that your children have an extra layer of protection, I would give this a go. Spread the word as the more people that use this and tell others, the more people will be aware in case they come across a lost child.”  Click here to read the full review.

Sarah, mum to 5-year-old Poppy and 3-year-old Seb: I lost sight of Poppy at a recent festival while I was trying to stop a 3-year-old’s temper tantrum. I felt sick and started panicking straight away. I didn’t even know where to start looking, there were so many people! Fortunately, before I started running around screaming, my phone rang and it was a lady in a tent not far away saying she had found Poppy. Thank you Kidstrapp, a bad situation could have been a whole lot worse!

Glossytots took her daughter on a trip of a lifetime to Disneyworld Florida and was nervous about losing her in the crowds. She says: That’s where Kidstrapp came to the rescue. A very clever wriststrap that enabled me to have peace of mind... All in all it’s worth every penny because you can’t put a price on your child’s safety.” Click here to read the full review.

Mum (wishes to remain anonymous) to 4-year-old Zac: We were in a busy circus tent at a festival when someone walked between us and Zac and he lost sight of us. Instead of panicking he ran back to where we had said we would meet him if that happened – the Kidstrapp tent! Chris from Kidstrapp rang me straight away and I ran up to the tent, with my heart in my mouth! When I think of the panic of losing him and how easily it happened, I’m so grateful to Kidstrapp.


Rachel, mum to 3-year-old Tommy and 9-year-old Emma: I don’t know why anyone would take their children out somewhere busy without some sort of identification on them. Kidstrapp is the perfect solution for me, it gives me and the kids so much reassurance and we can all have fun without worrying. All for less than the price of an ice cream!


Merry, aged 4: I don’t want to lose mummy when we’re out but when mummy puts my wristband on I can be like the Little Pirate in the story and show it to a grown up and they’ll get me back to mummy again.


Angie, Grandmother to five grandchildren all aged under 5: I adore my grandchildren and want to spend as much time with them as possible and take them out on days they will love and remember. But the responsibility of looking after someone else’s children is huge and I panic all day long, especially as they are all so much faster than me! At least with Kidstrapp I know that if I lost sight of one of them they have a way of being returned to me. I wouldn’t go out without it now, especially during the school holidays when everywhere is so much busier.


Mark Sears, Chief Wild Officer, The Wild Network: I think you are on to something great with Kidstrapp. I speak as a dad of 5 year old girl and 1-year old boy, so I share many of your feelings of needing to do something to balance freedom and reassurance!


Debbie King, Programming and Engagement Group Manager for Telford & Wrekin Council: We used Kidstrapp for the World Heritage River Festival in Ironbridge because of the number of children that we expected to attend on the day and that much of the festival would be held after dark.

Christy from Kidstrapp went the extra mile for us by working with the shops in Ironbridge in the run up to the event to create child safe places where children could go if they got split up from their friends or family.

Christy also provided a Lost Children point on the day and was on hand to provide a support system should it be needed.

Our stewards handed out the wristbands to every child at the event and their parents were very grateful and reassured to have some sort of identification on them, just in case the worst happened.


Melinda Russell, Living Data Labs: From the moment Fidget Pie first shared their ideas for Kidstrapp with us we could see its huge potential.  It was clear they really understood the challenges of keeping children safe in unfamiliar environments. More importantly, they had designed an apparently simple yet very clever solution – Kidstrapp. It has been a wonderful experience working with Chris and Christy to bring the Kidstrapp concept to life and are proud to have been part of such a wonderful support system which could save lots of tears and worry in the future – from both the adults and the children!


Benjamin Mugnier, Sales and Marketing Manager, Les Gets Ski, Golf and Mountain Bike Resort, France: “This is a very good product you have in your hands. It helps make the mountain safer for our young ones.”


Katie, aged 7, from Shrewsbury: We go to Cornwall a lot with Mummy and Daddy and there are always lots of people on the beach. I always know where Mummy is but she makes me wear a Kidstrapp. I don't mind, it's quite pretty and it helps to keep me safe. Lots of people ask me about it too which I like.


Poppy, aged 5, from Oswestry: I lost Mummy and my little sister at a big show thing. I couldn't see her and I cried but a nice lady (whose name was Robin like Christopher Robin in Winnie the Pooh) saw my bracelet thingy and phoned my Mummy and she came and got me.


Zac, aged 4, from Shrewsbury: Mummy said if I lost her I should go and see the people in the orange (Kidstrapp) tent. A man stood in front of me and I couldn't see Mummy so I ran up to the tent and they looked at my arm and phoned Mummy and she came and got me. She looked a bit cross but she gave me a big cuddle.


Harriet, aged 4, from Shrewsbury: I like the Princess the best, she is pink. And has a crown like me. I think if I was a Princess I would never get lost.


Emma, aged 9, of Shrewsbury: I went to Disneyworld in Paris with my Dance Group, we got to perform on stage and it was amazing. But when I was looking around with my Mummy I wore a Kidstrapp in case we got split up cost there were a lot of people there. Mummy is going to ask my Dance Group if we can all wear them when we go away for shows and competitions, especially if Mummy is not there. A pink sparkly one would be cool.

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